This is about and dedicated to the men of HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment 3rd
Marine Division Communications. This being Radio, Radio Relay, Wire, Teletype
and anything relating to conveying of information via a wire or radio signals.
The location being The Republic of Vietnam mainly focusing on the years of 1967
and 1968, but also 1966 and 1969.
HQ 4th Marines were located at Camp Evans in 1967 then moved to Camp JJ
Carroll in January 1968 then to Ca Lu later that year. Also teams or individuals
would be sent to outlaying LZ's, Hill's, or smaller fire bases to maintain
communications with HQ or other units.
This Web Site is expected to be under a constant change. It's for the enjoyment
of those that served in the 4th Marines, their families and friends to share
pictures and memories of then and now.
I hope that all you Marines of the 4th and your family and friends enjoy our
pictures and memory's posted here and also welcome any persons just stopping
by to view what we have here. Feel free to e-mail me with any comments or
things you wish to see added. As stated I plan on this being a site in constant
flux. As members of the old group are found or find us we hope to add their
memorabilia to this collection.
Carl V Stone II
I want to give a special thanks to my wife for setting me on this direction of
finding and reuniting with fellow Marines of long ago. And especially to JR for
being the one to rekindle that feeling of camaraderie and friendship a fellow
Marine should never lose. Thanks JR.
HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division
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