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Map shows location of Ca Lu, right at the
bend in HWY 9 past the Rockpile on the way
to Khe Sanh.
The river at Ca Lu was inviting on the 120
degree days but it was one sick river. Those
who went in where almost sure to come down
with something.
Photo By Bill McGighan
I believe this was the Radio Bunker at Ca LU in June of 1968.  Picture on the left shows a
two + man bunker next to a mortar pit. This was looking from my 2 man bunker, picture
on the right is same just a closer shot.
Photos By Carl Stone
Pictures are at Ca Lu in June of 1968 also, one on the left you can see the back of my 2 man
bunker, flak jacket and helmet, water can warmed water in the sun and I used the helmet as a
water bowl to shave and bathe from,I stayed out of that stinking river plus it was off limits most
of the time I was their any way. Can't remember what that bunker in the back ground housed.
Direction from my bunker would be looking north west towards the Rock Pile. Picture on the
right is a evening shot of that same lager bunker and you can also see a mortar pit at the
bottom left that was just below on this side from me also.
Photos By Carl Stone
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Ca Lu in June 1968 like pictures above these, this was directly below my two man bunker, right
one is a closer shot but both of the same area. I believe that the large tent was the mess tent
that I rarely used because they rarely had anything so we ate c-rations. That dirt road was
HWY 9 go left and it went north to the RockPile and Camp Carroll and go right and it hits the
river and made a sharp right and went to Khe Sanh. At this time it wasn't a good Idea to go
past the bend in the road towards Khe Sanh.
Photos By Carl Stone
Ca Lu in June 1968 also, this was the mortar pit just to the left and down from my bunker. The
mortar crews would come and go they never stayed for more then a few days at a time. Defiantly
quieter then at Camp Carroll where the 155mm and 175mm guns would rattle your teeth.
Photos By
Carl Stone
Photo from James Napier
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Radio Relay section area at Ca Lu.
Summer 68
Comment By JR
One of the 12th Marine 105 Howitzer
guns at Ca Lu. Summer 68
Comment By JR
Photo from James Napier
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HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division
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