This Sign was made in memory of Captain JJ Carroll
Ariel photo off Camp Carroll
Map showing where Camp Carrol
was on HWY 9
This is a excellent map of the
Northern I Corps, showing the
DMZ, Khe Sanh to Dong Ha
and all the places between like
Camp Carroll, Ca Lu, the Rock
Pile, LZ Stud etc.
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photo to enlarge it.
Camp Carroll Page 1
Picture from Carroll,
looking in the direction
of Dong Ha, some action
going on out there.
Photo By Bill McGighan
The one High spot at Carroll where they built
a spotting tower.
Photo By Carl Stone
Dong Ha had one large
ammo dump and when they
took a hit we could see it
all the way from Carroll. It
would usually burn for
days at a time.
Photo By Bill McGighan
At Camp Carroll at night looking towards Dong
Ha, flares drifting down plus incoming and
outgoing, action day and night, never ending.
Photo By Carl Stone
In 1968 The Armies 175 MM guns at Camp
Carroll where awesome. They would rattle
your teeth especially when they had a fire
mission and they pointed even some what
in the directions over our hooches.
Photos By Carl Stone
Below are a few paragraphs from another
Web Site:
2nd Battalion 94th Artillery
Any one who was at Carroll can relate.
The Marines on Camp Carroll would feel the outgoing power of the 175’s as described below
by Marine Corporal Jim Fowler, 5th Communications Battalion, Third Marine Division.

Account by Marine Corporal Jim Fowler:  “Not too long after we set up at Artillery Plateau
which would become Camp Carroll.  A 175mm gun set up across the road from us. The barrel
was actually over our bunker when they fired in our direction, which I think was toward Khe

We had originally been attached to a Battery of the 12th after pulling back from the Rockpile.
We were reassigned to 3rd Marines after they moved up. The 175mm gun crew fired a charge
3 over us before we had completed the bunker over the radio relay van. It shattered several
tubes in our van. Two in the An/TCC3 telephone unit and one in one of the AN/GRC-10
radios, if I remember correctly.

The overhead light also shattered and the whole thing including the coax ripped from the
ceiling of the van. We worked our butts off the rest of the day and into the wee hours of the
morning getting the gear back up and completing the bunker. After the bunker was complete,
we would bounce a couple of inches or so when they fired a charge 3. Better to be bounced
by our own than theirs. Like so many things you got used to it and it just became another
background occurrence in the daily life."
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