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My Radio Relay Hooch
group at Camp Carroll,
Look at the calendar, it’s
March 1968.
Starting on the left, Jim,
Sgt Thompson, Sgt Boyd,
Clark, David.
Same group as on the left
but all working on a card
game to pass the time.
Clark, Durf, Knowles and
David passing some off time
in the hole messing with a
reel to reel tape. Who's reel
to reel was that ?
JR thinks this is
LCpl. Harold Schade, is that
you Harold, any one else???
Here a picture of the
UHF Radio Relay site
that was at the very
southern edge of
Camp Carroll and
basically right on the
southern perimeter.
This is four pictures of the microwave site at Camp Carroll in Feb or March of 1968, I'm sure JR
or some one has a name for it. I do believe we built a new one that was more under ground.

Comment from JR: The Micrwave Radio Relay pictures are of the 52 site for TRC 27's shooting
to Dong Ha...correct??? In the background is the Chaplain's Hooch during better days .
Photo from Carl Stone
Photo from Carl Stone
Photo from Carl Stone
Photo from Carl Stone
Photo from Carl Stone
Photos from Carl Stone
Photos from Carl Stone
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Comments from Carl/Stoney: At Camp Carroll and my
cot to the right with my record player center back. Mike
to the left and it looks like his going over a manual to his
reel to reel deck in the center. Most likely recording one
of my great records
Comment from Mike Hankey: That was my reel-to-reel
and I ended up giving it to Stan when I left country.  
Yeah it was a good machine but it took a lot of abuse.  
Got hit 3 times with shrapnel before it finally bit the dust.  
Comment from G. Stanley: I’ll just mention to you that there was a Akai M 9 I ended up with
from Hankey. He was playing psychedelic stuff till I got it then it was Otis Reading Dock of the Bay
Comment from Stoney: I wanted to bury the record player and tap deck  after hearing "Sitting
on the Dock by the Bay " the hundredth time.
Photos from Carl Stone
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This is Stan recording
or playing something
from the deck, but my
guess is he is
recording from my
record player "Sittin
on the Dock of the
Bay" over and over
and over.
Photo from Steven Wiege
Photo from Steven Wiege
Photos from Steven Wiege
Knowls playing on one of the Relay
Bunkers, not a good quality photo but
after 40 years we take what we can get.
Wiege and Durfee posing all kinds of tough and John Wayne with a
??? Grease gun I think (correct me)
Looks like Stan guarding the
rifles, any one remember what
we were doing?
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