Camp Evans was named to honor a Marine named Paul Evans, who was KIA on 22 Dec 66.
Located on a coastal plane along Rte 601, approximately 2.5 km SSE of Phong Dien, 11 km WNW
of LZ Sally and 24 km NW of Hue in Thua Thien Province, I Corps. Laos was beyond the mountains
to the west. The DMZ, which separated North from South Vietnam, was just a short flight to the
L/Cpl Evans was killed while participating in Operation Chinook defending a small, temporary
compound against a North Vietnamese Army ground attack. Firing the 3.5 rocket launcher, a
heavy and unwieldy weapon, he repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire and was killed by enemy
small arms during the night. The Marines had called their small base "the Operation Chinook
Perimeter," but after the battle of December twenty-second, they named the position "CampEvans"
out of respect for their friend Paul Evans, a six foot, six inch gentle giant who had the gift of being
able to make everyone laugh during difficult situations and who was not afraid to risk everything for
his fellow Marines.
Map of Camp Evans location north
west of Hue, top left corner of map.
Camp Evans Page 1
This is a Picture taken at
Evans from on top of the
showers, you remember the
55 Gallon drums atop a
wooden box and that great
kerosene heater to warm the
This was the first Radio
Relay shot I went on in
Vietnam. From some
where back to Camp
Camp Evans was a Marine base in 1967
but we had plenty of the Army there also.
They had the better helicopters and they
could be found on the LZ regularly. I
caught the crews taking a nap in these
I think this is one of
the ammo bunker
Taking a picture from
my Hooch while it was
raining out.
Some place at Evans
on a wet muddy day.
I think that was my
Hooch, why else would
I take a picture of it.
Heres two photos of a
quick setup Fire Base
out of Camp Evans for
some operation we went
on. If you look carefully you
can see the artillery in the
Photos by Carl Stone
Photo by Carl Stone
Photo by Carl Stone
Photos by Carl Stone
Photos by Carl Stone
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Nice photo of Steven Wiege
with the Sign at Camp Evans,
date at top of photo (printed)
says Dec 67, probable taken
in Nov.
Photo By Steven Wiege
Photo by Carl Stone
Photo by Carl Stone
Photo on the left is a shower at Evans and the photo on the
right is between our hooch's and on the left you can see the
back of another shower, nether photo shows the heater in it,
sure remember it being cold around Dec and the water being
cold as hell without that heater.
Photos by Steven Wiege
HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division