Camp Evans Page 5
Photos by Carl Stone
HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division
Photos by Carl Stone
Photos by Carl Stone
Photos by Carl Stone
Photos by Carl Stone
Photos by Carl Stone
Photos by Carl Stone
Photos by Carl Stone
Lewis hanging out by my
bunk and my record
player in the new hooch.
Remember this set up guys? Relay gear.
Here I got a good photo of
Roberts retuning from a
nice shower on a wet
muddy day.
My bunk area in the tent
shortly after I arrived at
Camp Evans. Not much
gear or stuff yet, not
even the famous record
player, and dirt floors.
Roberts an me both
being the new guys
quickly became
friends. A good
checker or chess game
to pass the time.
My bunk area after
about a month in
shelves are starting to
slowly acquire things,
loved the mosquito net.
Been in country between
1 an 2 months, getting
care packages from
home, still wearing boots
an fatigues I brought
with me. Still dirt floor
Pictures of the TRC-27 Microwave Radio Relay sites at Camp Evans, sometime between September
and December of 1967 since we relocated to Camp Carroll in January of 1968. One Relay site at
Evans was keep on line to Camp Carroll during and after the move then the Evans link moved to
Dong Ha our new rear area for the 4th Marines and the new 3D Marine Divisions Headquarters.
Couple more photos of a Radio Relay site at
Camp Evans. Set of two bunkers one for the
radio gear and the other for the generators and
Lewis, Clark and Jim
Avila in the new hooch
at Camp Evans.
Tony Fuentes, he
extended and was in
CaLu after I left Vietnam
Another one of the ones I
called crazy, they loved to
f**k with us new guys, you
remember how you got
weird as you got short.
Not sure who this Marine