Camp Carroll On a Bad Day
The top nine pictures here are all the same area, I think it was
from a small rocket or that pesky 75mm Howitzer that was on
Dong Ha Mountain and liked to send in a round or two almost
every day.
The picture on the left is one of that Pack 75 that was finally
captured on Dong Ha Mt. By the 9th Marines I believe sometime
late in 1968.
Sgt Thompson                                              Wiege                                        Napier

The above three pictures show the magnitude and depth of destruction the larger
rockets that the NVA shot at us could cause.
BW Photos By Carl Stone                                 Color Photos By James Napier
Pack 75 Photo from the Internet
BW Photos By Carl Stone                                 Color Photos By James Napier
At Carroll some of the Marines decided to
make a trap door in the middle of the Hooch
and dig under ground bunkers. Better then
running out the hooch door to the bunkers
out side whenever we got incoming.
But that ended after a few monthes when
they desided our holes were not safe ?????
Photos By James Napier
Here are some
pages from a log or
diary that I keep for
about a month and a
half from late Dec
1967 to the middle of
Feb 1968. The
pages here are one
week from Mon Jan
29 to Sun Feb 4.
As you can see I just
did a brief of the day.
Pages from Carl stone
Photo from James Napier,
Believe it's a building at
Camp Carroll
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Quote from "JR" about this particular event:
That corner of the hooch that was blown away was my sleeping cot area in the blast corner. That
incident happened between Feb 28 and April 1, 1968. But I don't know the exact date. I left Camp
Carroll on Feb 28 on emergency leave because my father had passed away on Feb 26 th. It was
a two week emergency leave but it took two more extra weeks to get back to the unit in transit.
When I got back there was no cot and all my remaining gear was in a half filled willy peter bag
sitting in the corner. I had bought an old electric guitar from James Napier in a case. It survived.
the case was pretty bad off but most of it was still there but the heat from the blast blistered the
face plates of the guitar. When I got back to Carroll I had it sent home. My cousin David was still
at Carroll and he told me about my cot area being blasted. I think he helped put away my
personnel stuff at the time it happened. I had not seen pictures of it until Napier sent me that
picture. Jim and I talked about it and he filled me in too. But your pictures are awesome! The
guitar I kept stored away in my garage until around 1975 when my wife thought it was a piece of
junk due to the damage and sold it in a garage sale. She didn't know its history at the time. I
didn't know it was gone until I went to find it many years later to try and restore it. Jim has a
picture of himself with a very similar guitar next to him. There is another picture of my cot area
before the blast incident. I think you can barely make out the guitar case in the corner.
Photo from Bill McGighan
Photo from Bill McGighan
Photo from Bill McGighan
Courtesy of Bill McGighan: here are a few pictures of the day the Chaplin's Hooch got blasted
next to the 52 Relay bunker in central Camp Carroll on May 25, 1968
In the background in Tiske's picture (photo on the right) is the hooch that housed the small
gasoline generators for the relay sets. The partial bunker (cloth sand bags)directly in front of
him in the picture is the 52 Radio Relay bunker.
HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division
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Here is a article from a paper that Dave
Kissick has about the 75 MM  Howitzers that
were a real pain in our butts, thanks Dave.
Two photos from Dave Kissick at Camp Carroll, right
behind the showers, direct hit on what looks like a fuel
storage area. Date around April or May in 1968.
Photos By Carl Stone
A hole in the Radio guys hooch.
The hole in my
Radio/Relay guys.
Top is Sgt Boyd
and lower is Sgt