Camp Evans to Carroll Move
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Comment from JR about this photo.
Some advance party Comm personal waiting for the rest of 4th
Marines convoy to come up from Camp Evans to Camp Carroll.
John Garretson from radio with hands in pockets. That's me (
hunching over between the tent and the sand bag wall with back to
the camera.  Jan 68. We were getting intermittent incoming.
Photo from James Napier
Looking in my (Carl) log for that month corroborates what JR is saying so the date would have
been either January 17th or the 20th when the last of our people came up to Carroll from
Evans. And Like JR mentioned my log also indicated we were getting incoming on both days.
Hell the TET offensive was just building and getting ready to go full bore in just a few days,
LITTLE DID WE KNOW, all hell was about to break out all over Vietnam.
From Carl Stones Log
From Carl Stones Log
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On Jan 14th more of the Communications
folks and equipment came up from Camp
Evans, my log is a bit faded and stained
but you can still make it out.

We were already sending guys out to the
Rockpile and CaLu and like I made the
statement before convoy's on RT 9
where darn right dangerous. I'm not sure
who was the lucky guys to go on the two
shot's on the 12/13th???? Any one
remember or were you the one??
Comment from Ronn Coffman:
Not long after I got to Evans 4th marines went to Carroll. I was a 2542 for what ever that meant. I
spent most of my time in the message center. My Hooch was not far from the mess hall that
didn't have much in the way of food.
You guys must have gone to Carroll on the same convoy I went there on unless radio relay left
sooner. I think we replaced 3rd marines. The day we got there we came under a mortar attack
and I got hit in the side with a piece of shrapnel (which I still have) that ricocheted off an Army
tank, while I was taking a pi-- out by the perimeter.

So it looks like Ronn was one of the unlucky ones that got a real friendly welcome to Camp
Carroll from Evans.
HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division