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From Carl Stones Log
Photo By Carl Stone
Photo By Carl Stone
Photo By Carl Stone
Photo By Carl Stone
Photo By Carl Stone
Photo By Carl Stone
Photo By Carl Stone
Photo By Carl Stone
Photo By Carl Stone
Photo By Carl Stone
From: James E. Thornton
Just wanted to comment I enjoyed looking at your site, can
not relate to many of you guys, was in the comm center,
2542 mos,arrived Nov66 departed Mar68. There is a web
site at Texas Tech University, Library, Virtual Vietnam
Archives, Marine Corps Historical Section
The Command Chronology Report January 1968 gives the
date the advance communication elements departed Evans
for Carroll, again, enjoyed going thru your web site, thanks.
From James Thornton
From JR's Log
From JR's Log
And here it begins, that move from Camp
Evans to Camp Carroll. The first couple of
groups (like JR and ME) were lucky and
went by air.
My log on Jan 4th mentioned I
was expecting to go the next day
on the 5th but for me that was
canceled. The morning of the 6th
we started loading gear on the LZ
and I caught a Chopper at 2 and
was at Carroll in 20 min. Sure was
faster and safer then the convoys
that were getting hit almost daily
during this time frame.
JR makes the comment
in his log on the 4th
about going on the 5th
notice his feeling at the
end "UGH"
JR leaves Camp Evans on
the 5th one day before
me and comments about
Carroll being in the hills.
Check it out, three
helicopters above
Camp Evans, they were
stacking them when we
moved to Carroll and
flew in a air convoy.
Click to enlarge and
see the one chopper
top left.
On Evens LZ during the move,
looks like Jim Avila getting ready
to take a picture of the Big Jolly
Green Giant coming in.
Close up of the big chopper
coming in
Another shot as the Big one is
closer, again I think that is Jim
on the left and Lewis right of the
helicopter, other two ????
Two nice shots of the big guy, look at the guns sticking out
the doors on the right side
The helicopters came and we loaded
them up with equipment till it was our
turn to take the trip. Looks like Durfee
and his glasses on the right edge.
A couple of shots of the same helicopter, good photo of all our gear and supplies staged on the LZ
waiting for us to load as they landed, of to Carroll we go HI HO Hi HO.
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