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Maps Of Northern South Vietnam
Ca Lu Area
Camp Carroll Area
DMZ Area
DMZ I Corps Area
Old News Print
of the DMZ Area
Camp Evans
and Hue Area
LZ Stud to
Khe Sanh Area
I Corps Map
Dmz Area
Dated 1972
Full DMZ Area
Razerback and
Rockpile Area
HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division
Here is a Google Earth map that a fellow Marine has created that is very relevant to all the areas that 4th
Marines were located at or had something to do with in one way or another, not saying it's 100 percent
conclusive but I'll say it looks pretty complete. Now as mentioned you need a copy of Google Earth
loaded on your computer to run the Map program so if you don't have it a link is provided below to get
your free copy.
Google Earth Download
I-Corps Map for Google Earth "Download"
Link to a free copy of
Google Earth
Map of the I-Corps area that will go in the
Google Earth program
The file is "I-Corps.kmz" if your system tries to
rename it to "" when your download
you need to rename it back to "I-Corps.kmz"