Name is Carl V Stone II, nick name from the Marines is Stoney. I joined the Marine Corps in
November of 1965 and acquired a MOS of 2532 Radio Relay Operator. While in Vietnam like a lot
of the Marines I acquired a secondary MOS of 2531 Radio operator.
I arrived in country (Vietnam) in September of 1967, already being in the Marines for close to two
years with the rank of Lance Corporal "L/cpl". Arriving in Da Nang on a C-130 transport from
Okinawa I was quickly assigned to a unit, HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment located at Camp
I'm on the right side playing Santa at Camp Evans in Dec. 1967
The Marine to the left I think is Lewis and Clark is right over my
head in the background.  We had moved into the new hooch's
that were wood floor and frame, big upgrade from the dirt floor
and tents. December at Evans was a good month.
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Sgt Thompson on the left with his back to the camera
then Durf on the left, me sitting on my cot facing forward
then Wiege with his back on the right. At Camp Carroll
around Feb or March 1968 hanging around my record
player, the place to relax and listen to the tunes.
At Camp Carroll early 1968, I believe I'm standing at
the entrance to a  Radio Relay  bunker. Trying out a
new lens for my camera that gives a blurring toward
the edges.
Here is a picture of me at Ca Lu in my two man
bunker, hot as hell and in the 120's at times. Guessing
the date would be around July or August 1968.
Picture was taken with one of those new small Polaroid
cameras you could pick up back at the PX in Dong Ha.
Safer to go there by chopper then RT 9 at this time.
Carl V. Stone (Stoney)
HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division