Dan Anderson
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HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division
I got in country in April of 68 at camp Carrol. Not to long after that, I got into a pissing match
with the cooks, I went through a request mast with a Sgt. Kissick, but to no avail ,had to go on
mess duty for a while. This lasted until the 4th moved to CaLu. My mos was 2831.  After that
malfunction I took TRC-27 shot out to the center of signal hill until I rotated out of country in
may of 69. I spent a lot of time with Bill Macghin, and Herb Bauer. I am really looking forward to
communicating with some guys on the roll call. Bill G, and JR have been a real pleasure to talk

E- Mail is sylverstynger @ yahoo.com. Also was looking through the pics. in transion 1, these
are pictures I sent Bill McGighan a while back. Pic. 1 is of Bill M. with his little python friend at
Stud, Pic. 2 is of me standing in front of Trc-27 shot at bottom of Signal Hill, Pic. 3 is LZ at Stud.
Pic. 4 was taken from the shot in Pic. 2 overlooking Stud. Pic. 8 is from top of Signal Hill
looking down on Stud, Pics.9&11 are around Ca-Lu area,and 10 is of flags at Hq 4th Lz Stud.
These Pics. were all taken in 1969 before April.
north of Las Vegas on US. 95. We are right at 3300 feet, a touch of snow in winter and 115 deg.
in summer. I am retired because of wrestle with colorectal cancer. Two years out of chemo and
everything a OK. I ride a 2001 HD Electroglide Classic