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David Kissick
Photos by Carl Stone
Photos by Carl Stone
Photo by Carl Stone
Photo by Steven Wiege
Smiling Dave
at Carroll
March 1968.
Photos by Carl Stone
First Comment from Dave:
I am so impressed with this wonderful collection of
names, dates,locations and all the great pictures.
You did it! Congratulations.
The picture of the Ca LU River brought back memories
of Knowles and me washing our clothes, and, sure
enough, didn't I come down with Malaria.....and I always
took those huge pills.
The heat at Ca Lu , the 122's, the rain,  "... the dock of
the Bay," stealing the 12 X 12 from the Seabee's and
Col. Miller, telling them "I don't see any 12 X 12.... now
get the hell away from my Marines.  Of course, we did
have three 4 X 4's, but "what the hell."
Check out the smile on
Stanley's face as I'm getting
my stripes pinned on . I
always knew that made him
Photo by Steven Wiege
Photo by Steven Wiege
Photo by Carl Stone
HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division