Elpidio Munoz "JR"
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I was the "FNG" and
some of the NCO's from
the Relay Platoon put me
up to this. Feb 68
Standing inside of the
Mess Duty/Working
party tent. Feb 68
Sporting my new sun
glasses in "Comm
Alley". April 68
Standing in front of
the Mess
Duty/Working party
tent. Feb 68
My cousin David
Simental with
Fox 2/9 pays me
a visit. April 68
Every now and then
we'd get something
extra back in our
laundry bundles.
Nice hat...huh???
May 68
On working party filling
sand bags. This is very
near where there
would later be a large
incoming impact crater.
Jan 68
I'm the "FNG" and I'm
squatting near the 52 Relay
Bunker out by the mess hall
area. Note the brand new
'Jungle Boots". Jan 68
Hankey took this
picture of me with my
polaroid camera. Just
got in from a relief
convoy from Dong Ha.
Jan 68
In the central 52 relay bunker at Carroll. May 68
HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division