Can anyone name that tune of  the
guy in the picture with me. I don’t know
who took the picture, but I believe I
spent many hours with the marine on
radio watch. If I remember correctly the
picture was taken between Hill 55 and
Camp Carroll . The anguish expression
came from a Trc 27 Mux being stolen
off the 6X when it never stopped
moving. Damn, those kids were good
at what they did.
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Goodwyn Stanley
Marines Name ??? and G. Stanley
Goodwyn Stanley

7 ½  Years Usmc  3 Tours in RVN. 1965 –
1966 Chu Lai  2nd Laambs

1967 – 1968  3rd Mar Div ( Camp Carroll )

1969 -1970  7th Comm  Da Nang

I am thankful and appreciative for the men
of my tours.
HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division