Photos Of Us Marines in Group Pictures
This photo is kind of what got this site going, make a long story short , PTSD
group, looking at old photos, finding Roberts on the Vietnam Memorial Wall, JR left
message and e-mail address on Roberts page and my wife nagged me to contact
JR, NOW THIS. I’m guessing this is probable the largest group photo of the Radio
Relay section for the 4th Marines while in Vietnam. Since Roberts is in it (second
from the left) and he was KIA by a rocket on Feb 19, 1968 and all of the 4th Marines
arrived at Carroll by Jan 20 that would give it a date of between Jan 20 to Feb 19,
1968. And either I was the one taking the photo or I'm in the back with just my eyes
showing, I can't remember.
Photo from Carl Stone
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Photo from Steven Wiege
Another photo taken same time as mine above, that
lookes like me center back behind Jim and Sgt
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Photos from Steven Wiege
Photo from Carl Stone
The four BW group shots of the Radio Relay group are at Camp Carroll around the early part
of Feb 1968 since Roberts is in them and he was KIA on Feb 19th 1968. Thanks to Wiege for
coming up with this great set of photos of most of the Radio Relay Group. I'll try and get
names of everyone attached to the photos in due time.
Nice Radio Relay group shot at Camp Evans late 1967
Back standing, Roberts-Durfee-(Me)Stone-Avila
Front kneeling, Wiege-Donofrio-Clark
Photo from Roger Durfee
Camp Carroll around March 1968, Radio Relay group
HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division