Mike Hankey
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If I remember right  (Stoney)
was messing with his new
camera and had me jump of
the sand bag wall testing
the speed settings to see if
he could get a good stop
action photo. Also if you
look in the background you
can see the cool shower we
had at Camp Carroll,
airplane fuel tanks instead
of 55 gal drums to hold the
water. No airstrip here the
jets would drop their fuel
tanks when doing runs
around the DMZ, lightened
their load and made them
go faster.
Mike and JR at Camp Carroll
Mike and James (Jim) Avila
at Camp Carroll, sucking a
beer and smoking, we all
started so young on those
bad habits.
This is the same as the picture
above it but with Clark's back to
the camera. Jim was sitting on
Stone's bunk, that was Stoney's
record player and records.
Another picture at Camp Carroll
with Mike and Clark to the left. I  
believe (Stoney) was the only
one to have a record player and
records in all of the DMZ area. It
was always a place for the guys
to congregate, write letters and
just listen to the tunes.
HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division