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Ronn Coffman (Moose)
This is obviously a playboy bunny fold out and we
got creative. Gosh guys a whole different war than
Carroll. Can you imagine Cam Rahn Bay or
Saigon? Maybe a 3rd side of the war. Wow!
A couple of mama sanhs and my Lt.
doing nature behind them notice the
Johns. To the left one was for the
Vietnamese the other was for Marines
but we had to do the clean up. You
remember. Across the road in the far
back ground was an Army barracks and
they had flush toilets and hot running
showers. They still had the outdoor
Vietnamese Johns that we Marines had
to take out and do the deed. We didn't
burn them we hauled the1/2 barrels to
a dump on a 6X, and dumped them.
Burning them was a much better way.
Oh well!
A few pictures of me in early 1969 in Da Nang and a ticket stub
from the great Bob Hope show. I didn't go, I let one of my men go
instead but I could still hear it in the distance. Notice no flak jackets.
I arrived in country Dec 27th 1967 and was sent to Evans the next morning. We received a
speech from the Col. about the 4th marines in Korea and that is about all I remember about
Evens. Not long after I arrived at Evens the 4th marines moved to Carroll. I was a 2542 and
spent most of my time in the message center. My Hooch was not far from the mess hall that
didn't have much in the way of food. We went to Camp Carroll by convoy and the day we
arrived there we came under a mortar attack and I was hit in the side with a piece of shrapnel
(which I still have) it ricocheted off an Army tank while I was taking a pi-- out by the perimeter.
The next time I was wounded was on 3/16/68. That one sent me to Japan and back to Oak
Knoll Naval Hospital for 3 months. The only names I really remember are Lcpl Woods, Ed
Brown, Randy Jones, and Sgt Ken Rabey who died with his head on my shoulder when I was
wounded. We took a direct hit on our bunker. There are other names but memory isn't as
good as it used to be. I didn't get any of my belongings back, so I have no pictures from that
short tour. So your pictures really are great.
My 2nd tour was nice I was assigned to an air wing unit in Da Nang. We did a bit of everything
in that message center. I even got to fly radio re trans missions which was very different like
going in circles for ever.
HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division