The Origin of the Regimental Insignia
HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division
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As far as the design is concerned - a little history! I was a native born'Scot' from Aberdeen.
When I served in the Corps, I was not a U.S. Citizenat the time, and in fact, to my knowledge
was the only Marine in the Corpswho had a top secret clearance working in my section.
Once, in late 66 (Ithink), Major Fullum (S-3) had a visit from some rear flunky out of Da-Nang;
who brought to his attention that I was an 'alien' handing all the secret stuff. They figured at
the time it was better to keep me in Opn's, than re-assign me back to
Anyway, when I was asked to design the Insignia, I remembered the colors of the 'bonnie
blue flag' of Scotland, using the deep blue, and the white diagonal lines across the field of
blue. Instead of using the lines, I took the NCO sword, and the Officer's sword, and used
them across the background of blue. I then placed an eagle with outstretched wings across
the top. The bottom scroll had the words ' Fourth Marine Regiment' on it. That is what my
initial design was ( which I still have). When the design was submitted by
Major Fullum to Colonel Thompson (Reg't Commander); he suggested some minor
changes to the eagle and scroll work. That was given to one of the guy's who took it to
Thailand while on R&R. He was the one who brought back the lighters, with the logo on it.
Alas, I lost mine as I mentioned before.

Graeme Webster
Graeme Webster
SFC, U.S. Army (RET)
Formerly. SGT Webster
HHC,S-3, 4th Marine Regiment
I served in HHC, from March of 66 to Dec 67 in S-3,under Major Fullum, S-3 Operations
Officer.I was the one who did all the operations maps and overlays for daily battalion
briefings and sitreps. In 66, I was asked to design a Regimental insignia for the unit. I still
have the original sketch I did today. If anyone remembers, the design was sent to Thailand,
to be made into pins. These were then attached to Zippo lighters, and given out to members
of HHC. I lost mine somewhere between Camp Carroll and Camp Evans. But, I see that the
design is the same as the Regimental crest shown at the top of the web site. I haven't seen
that in over 40 years.

On this past Veterans Day, I was at Fairchild AFB,Washington, and visited a display of all
kinds of Vietnam era patches, flags, pins and what ever. Lo and behold, I saw the pin of the
Regiment - the same one I had designed for Major Fullum - back in 1966. Talk about

My son in law discovered this website, and many of the pictures taken in various locations,
are the same scenes that I took pictures of myself. I had those converted into slides many
years ago, and still have them.
Copy of my original sketch
of the Insignia for the (On
the Left)
I would be interested in finding out if the Regimental insignia, which I designed, is  in the new
Marine Corps museum at Quantico.