Tony Mastriani a fellow Marine from the
5th Comm. Bat. that new and worked
with HQ 4th Marines in Vietnam
I was on the crew that installed the first TRC-97 at Stud.  The original location was on a treed
rise to the East of the North end of the runway.  Sometime in July/August ’68, there was a
cyclone that caused the relocation of the site to the HQ area at the bottom of Signal

I left LZ Stud in July/August ’68 and spent several months in Dong Ha.  Dong Ha is where
(ironically) Bill and I hooked up.  I left Dong Ha in September/October for 5th Comm HQ. In Da
Nang.  I spent the rest of my tour (until December ’69 [I extended]) on TRC-97 shots, Da Nang,
Chu Lai?, Phu Bai?.

I spent 1970 at 3rd LAAM at Cherry Point and then got out.
Tony  and  Bill
Me at LZ Stud in 1968
Photos by Tony Mastriani
Photo From Bill McGighan
HQ Company 4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division